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Why Threads?

As a co-operative, it’s important that each of us at Threads has an equal voice. We are a team. We each play a different part and no one individual is more important than the other. So, who should start the blog? Well, I guess that might be me, partly because the part I play started at the beginning which seems the most logical place to start. 

Well, once upon a time, I set myself a challenge to make presents for birthday and Christmas gifts for a whole year. I went on a journey of making with meaning. I realised that as I made an item (whether hand sewn, knitted, cooked or baked), I would spend that time thinking about the recipient, what they meant to me, their qualities and memories of time spent with them. Not only was this a positive reflective exercise, it was also slowing me down. It is impossible to cross stitch or knit at great speed!! I had a job which was causing me a lot of stress. Making and creating gifts was calming me down and helping me to gain a healthier perspective of priorities. 

Having worked as part of local community projects for over 20 years and completed a Masters degree which focussed on empowerment, I also thought about how others might benefit from a community gathering. Being with others in life is important and can support us through challenges. We are able to achieve so much more when we have others with us sharing our journeys. I knew plenty of people who had great skills to share (much better than my own in most cases), but did not have the resources or the support network to enable them to give much time to their craft. In my 20 years in community work, I knew about isolation, mental and emotional challenges, trauma and poverty. Life can be tough. 

At the time of writing, Threads is made up of a group of 6 individuals. We are all different, but we have shared our journeys and realise that we have a lot in common. We were all born in different places, have different cultural backgrounds and life experiences but I believe we have a golden thread connecting us together. Relationships are important. Even though I lean towards being more introverted, I know I need others and believe in others. I am passionate about enabling others to reach their full potential. There is no way I have the ability to do much about this on my own. Team and community is key.

My hope and dream is that through the work of Threads, we can bring some joy, respite and inspiration to others. As a core team we are very enthusiastic about textiles, papercraft, colours, food and much more. Most importantly we want to share our skills and create warm, welcoming environments for others to benefit. Whether it’s a bespoke craft/sewing party or a community group gathering, we offer workshops and classes for all. We work with plenty of threads and we treasure the threads that link us together not just between us, but with others too. We hope that through our work we will bring skills and fun to others in a welcoming, warm environment. 

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09 feb. 2021

Amazing job well done

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